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Trade shows are platforms where businesses make lasting impressions, and the displays are central to that success. At Chaps Professional Movers, we understand the importance of these marketing tools and offer professional trade show display moving services designed to protect, transport, and set up your displays with ease and precision.

Expertise in Trade Show Display Moving

Our team is well-versed in the various types of trade show displays, from modular and portable displays to custom-built booths and banner stands. We cater to businesses across different industries, providing tailored moving solutions that match your specific needs.

Customized Moving Solutions

Every trade show display is unique, with specific requirements for transportation and handling. We work closely with you to design a moving plan that accommodates the unique characteristics of your display.

Specialized Packing and Protection

Trade show displays often consist of delicate materials, graphics, and technology. We use specialized packing materials, customized crates, and protective coverings to ensure that every element of your display arrives intact and ready to shine.

Timely and Efficient Transportation

Timing is crucial when it comes to trade shows. Our logistics team ensures timely pick-up, transportation, and delivery, working around your schedule to ensure that your display is ready when you need it.

Professional Installation and Dismantling

We offer comprehensive services that include professional installation and dismantling of your trade show displays. Our experienced team ensures that your display is set up correctly and looks its best.

Storage Solutions

If needed, Chaps Professional Movers provides secure and climate-controlled storage solutions for your trade show displays. Your materials remain safe and ready for the next event.

Comprehensive Insurance Options

Recognizing the investment and importance of trade show displays, we offer various insurance options that provide full coverage tailored to the value and complexity of the items.

Coordination with Event Planners and Marketers

We coordinate closely with event planners, marketers, and your internal team to understand the specific needs and priorities of each display, ensuring a smooth and effective moving process.

A Trusted Name in Trade Show Display Moving

With a reputation for excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and understanding of the marketing world, Chaps Professional Movers has become a trusted name in trade show display moving.


Trade show displays are the face of your business at events, and they require a moving service that recognizes their value and the specialized care they demand.

Trust your trade show displays with professionals who understand their significance and intricacies. Contact Chaps Professional Movers today, and let us turn the complex task of moving trade show displays into a streamlined, secure, and successful experience.

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